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Hosting Provider JavaPipe Launches VPS Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth

Hosting Provider JavaPipe Launches VPS Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth

From streaming to serving huge files, traffic Internet sites serving streaming radio, online video, pictures or computer software downloads will not have to worry about incurring sky high additional charges for exceeding bandwidth quota. The organization has released two Unmetered VPS Servers web hosting plans: the VPS FAST Storage as well as the VPS BIG Storage.

The two accounts are packed with up to 8 GB DDR3 RAM, eight x three 4 GHz CPU Core and Seven Hundred Fifty Gbps DDoS Protection. As stated in the press release by JavaPipe, the VPS server field standard is to include generous yet restricted bandwidth with VPS Server options. The Fast storage plan is loaded with up to sixty GB SSD Storage and the Big storage option offers up to 800 GB SATA Storage.

JavaPipe suggests that their latest VPS with unmetered traffic packages can accommodate every type of heavy traffic software and web sites. Net solutions enterprise JavaPipe - service provider of online safety solutions and distinctive cloud based Java Pipe internet hosting solutions - announced that it has launched VPS with unlimited bandwidth internet hosting options.

JavaPipe claims that, as opposed to outdated VPS server accounts, an Unmetered bandwidth VPS owner doesn't have to pay for any additional fee for bandwidth or bandwidth overage price. Further they mentioned that, controlled bandwidth restricts the growth of high visitor web sites and websites serving big data such as - video clips, apps and high quality photographs, etc.

Since the development of handheld devices and availability of LTE and blazing fast speed internet connection, bandwidth constraints are no more viable for websites that serve a higher quantities of content per request. VPS Unmetered Bandwidth internet hosting allows a web site to provide its pages at constant high speeds.

Unmetered Bandwidth servers are VPS web site hosting accounts that include unmetered site visitors. These limited bandwidth packages are only ideal for small to mid range traffic sites serving textual material. Traffic is the quantity of data transferred to and from the server within a timeframe. The web site hosting business tends to use the expression bandwidth to refer to traffic or data transfer.

The two terms have pretty different meanings and impact on an organization. Unmetered bandwidth is also not similar to unrestricted bandwidth. And bandwidth will be the speed at which data is being transferred from the account. Theoretically, the similarity between unlimited bandwidth and unmetered bandwidth is always that both convey the identical meaning.

The business also provides the alternative to select between managed or unmanaged plans. Web hosting companies use the time period "unlimited" for describing bandwidth allowance on an account. Technically, bandwidth is not the same as traffic. cheap VPS with unmetered bandwidth options provide customers with a list from the data transfer limit at hand with a option.

Realistically, a website hosting company can provide unmetered bandwidth but not unlimited bandwidth. As these businesses are usually not upfront in revealing their data transfer speeds or limitations on their accounts. To put it differently, it is a snap to obtain and make an estimate of the number of data transfer a website can serve when info similar to the port size and traffic speed is not buried deep in the terms of service.

With 1 Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth packed with both accounts, consumers can select one of several two hardware sets suited to their prerequisites. Consumers should be wary of companies giving unlimited bandwidth accounts. This can be a promotinal ploy as it is far from cost effective or basically viable to supply truly unrestricted bandwidth, nevertheless it does look excellent to have!

The new VPS with unmetered traffic plans are a significant step in this direction. They can be the right options for fast expanding businesses that require much more server resources and unlimited bandwidth for their rising web sites. In the release, the company claims that its goal is to focus its efforts on clients and consistently identify methods to further improve its products for the best customer experience.

inspired by overall performance, redundancy and stability, their most important target is to offer the very best hosting service for their consumers. The SaltLake based hosting and DDoS protection solutions corporation also offers Remote DDoS Scrubbing and DDoS Protected Servers.

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